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Starting Out In Face Painting:

Author, face painter and mother of a beautiful girl, JoAnne Westcott explains how many people get started with this very enjoyable,
money-making skill. She has simplified the process so well that a person can be up and running with this art form in just a day or two! With over 50 step-by-step pictures, even a teenager can learn and enjoy making money while making people happy - with face painting!

Make Money Restoring and Repairing Leather:

Dwain "Jake" Berlin, author of Secrets of Leather Craft, tells you exactly what products to use for repairing, restoring and cleanging leather products, such as leather jackets, sofas, purses, etc. Find people who love to buy leather items, keep those items in tip-top condition for them, and you'll have customers for life.

How to Sell More Jewelry with Volume Discounts:

Rena Klingenberg, a very successful jewelry vender and work-at-home parent, gives great tips on how to offer simple incentives to your customers, causing them to buy more than one piece of jewelry at a time. She describes how to lay out your jewelry (or any small items) in certain ways to generate enthusiasm, which produces more sales.

How to Get Inexpensive Business Cards With Pictures of Your Craft Item on Them:

Dusty Foster is a successful crafter, who has been making and selling crafts for decades. This article describes how to get the most custom business cards you can image for just a few dollars! Would you like to have an exact picture of your favorite craft item on every business card? Read this article to learn how you can. You'll get as many complements on your business cards as you get on your beautiful craft items!

How to Make Money with Leather Embossing:

Dwain "Jake" Berlin, author of Secrets of Leather Craft, explains the skill of leather embossing and how you can use this technique to make money all year round. He lists several projects you can use embossing techniques for customizing leather items to sell at craft shows, on the Internet or from home.

Using A Portfolio and Scrapbook to Sell Your Handmade Items:

Dusty Foster, author of Crafts To Make And Sell, shows you how to build a portfolio and scrapbook for selling your handmade items all year long. What should you do with duplicate pictures of your crafts to increase your sales? ... Read this interesting article and find out!

How to Greatly Reduce Shoplifting at Your Craft Booth:

Rena Klingenberg gives an excerpt about how a shoplifter operates. Learn how a shoplifter thinks and what they're looking for. Read how then work in pairs to draw your attention away from the thief. Learn which areas are the most attractive to them and how to make those places less vulnerable.

How to Use a Free Web Tool to Find Good Selling Crafts:

Dusty Foster, author of Crafts To Make And Sell, explains where to find this free Internet tool. You'll discover which handmade crafts people all over the country are looking for. And you'll see how to use this very simple tool to spark your imagination for new profitable craft ideas!

Pricing Face Painting Jobs:

Author, JoAnne Westcott, explains the various ways of setting fees for face painting. This article even helps you figure out how much you can make per hour -- even if you are a beginner.

Making Leather Wallets, A year-Round Money-Maker:

When was the last time someone showed you a leather wallet made just for him or her? These items are rare and valuable! You can learn how to make these very appropriate gifts. Every wallet you make will be custom made with the person's initials or special design. Even if you've never worked in leather before, let Dwain "Jake" Berlin, author of Secrets of Leather Craft, explain how to make these quality items.

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