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Making Leather Wallets
A Year-Round Money-Maker

by Dwain "Jake" Berlin
copyright (c) 2007

One of the easiest ways to make money with leather is with the hand stitched leather wallet.

There's nothing difficult about this project and every man and woman is a potential customer. In fact, your best clients will want you to custom stamp or emboss a name or some memorable design on their leather wallets.

You can charge a higher price for custom handmade leather wallets because they can last eight to ten years or more. Not only is the leather you'll use of a higher quality, your customized workmanship adds to the value.

The Easy Method

I have a list of several leather craft supply houses you can order your leather and tools from. All have good selections of pre-punched leather wallets.

Making pre-punched leather wallets is by far the easiest way to go for a number of reasons:

  • Pre-punched leather is uniform, so the holes line up for easy assembly.
  • These kits come in a number of styles and designs.
  • You save time by not having to measure and cut from a pattern.
  • You can order small quantities when starting out.

Making Wallets from Scratch

Custom made leather wallets easily sell for twice as much as pre-cut ones.

Think about it. When was the last time you saw a wallet that was handmade for someone? They are rare and valuable.

Furthermore, when you choose the leather yourself, you can pick pieces that will last and are very attractive.

Once you get started making handcrafted wallets, you'll get a reputation as someone who makes a fine, personalized gift suitable for any man or woman. And wallets are appropriate gifts for anyone for any occasion.

More good news is that it's easy to sell handmade goods such as wallets on popular auction sites like eBay. Because these items are small and durable, they are easy to ship to any place in the country.

With a little guidance, you could find yourself with a growing demand for leather wallets. They're easy to make and have a high profit margin.


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