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How to Make Money
Leather Embossing

by Dwain "Jake" Berlin
copyright (c) 2007

Embossing is the art of creating a three-dimensional raised image. The letters or image are pressed into the leather from the back so the images stand up (or out) on the front.

A common example of embossing is the impression left on paper by a notary's tool. It leaves a raised design. If you're not sure what I mean, check out the embossed image on your marriage license or birth certificate.

The only type of leather to use for embossing is vegetable tanned leather, also known as "tooling leather". Before starting a project, the leather is moistened to better accept the pressure of the embossing tool. When the leather dries, the embossed design will be stiff and stand out on the front.

The tools used most often for this type of leather work are metal embossing wheels. They come in a range of size, the most common being one-inch wide. On the metal wheel are various types of designs that protrude, which 'set' the image into the leather.

You can find embossing wheels with every type of design imaginable. There are flowers, animals, scrolls, geometric designs, and so on. They're reasonably priced and easy to find at any craft, hobby, or leather store.

If you plan to emboss leather on a regular basis, buy the best quality wheel you can afford.

For embossing initials, you can use stencils like we had in elementary school to trace letters (instead of an embossing wheel). Most hobby stores have a huge selection of stencils to choose from.

Then, using a hammer made specially for embossing, you tap out the design inside the stencil on the back side of the hide.

Practicing this art will make you proficient.

Customizing leather articles - such as belts, wallets, hat bands, book covers, saddles, purses and the like - is a great way to earn money!

And embossing leather lends itself very well to craft shows and fairs. You can demonstrate your art right at your booth!

Lay a few samples of your work out on the table with the price of doing the customization. You'll be amazed at how many people stop to watch you work. Use the opportunity to draw in your customers by explaining what you're doing or suggesting designs for the belts they're wearing!

Ladies looking for special gifts for a man will want to know what you charge for embossing initals, a phrase or a scene. Have your price list and business cards ready.

Personalizing leather products have universal appeal and never go out of fashion. Everyone loves a fine, well-tooled leather product.

And leather crafting is a fine way to make money as a craftsman. In my opinion, it's the BEST way!


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