You can have a CRAFTER'S WEBSITE in as little as 7 days!
Craft Item Martin the Bear

You Can Have a
Crafter's Website!

With Pictures and Descriptions
of Your Crafts or Services.

You can display and sell your crafts
to people in any part of the world you choose!
~ Everyday! ~
~ Around the clock! ~

Lots of people are selling crafts on the Internet...

Why not you?

Don't let your craft items get LOST among
the thousands of other product on eBay!

GRAB your customer's undivided attention.
And do it for a lot less money!

Instead of shoppers seeing your craft items mixed in with other peoples' crafts, have a website all to yourself.

Capture and hold your customer's attention with an attractive layout of pictures and descriptions of your items. It's like having a craft store all to yourself!

And having your own website is a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE than listing your crafts on eBay over and over. Not to mention the hassle of listing and relisting every 7 to 10 days.

With your own website, you can show as many craft items as your want for the same price per day as showing just ONE item on eBay.

And have you heard that it's "quick and easy" to list your items on eBay? Well, we've tried it ~ and "quick and easy" are NOT the words we would use.

Forget all that! Let us build you a personal website where pictures of your craft items will stay on the Internet until YOU decide you want them removed!!

If you want to, you can share a website with a few of your crafting friends. They'll love seeing their crafts online, too!

The process is easy...

You simply send us up to 12 digital pictures of your craft items with the descriptions and prices you want with them.

With that we build your website.

When you're happy with the layout, we'll put it up on the Internet where the whole world can visit it. Usually in just 7 days!

If you only want to sell your crafts locally, your site can be designed for that. If you feel your craft items are too big or too delicate to ship, this may be the option for you.

Your new customers will be able buy your crafts by entering their credit card information easily.

And when they buy, you'll be collecting your customers' email and shipping addresses. Then, whenever you have something new to sell, you can contact them again and tell them all about it!

You'll get a very attractive website
for a very reasonable price...

We specialize in logical layouts.

We don't confuse your customers by scattering the text all over the place like you see on very cluttered websites.

Instead, your readers will see a normal looking page, easy to read and understand ~ like this one!

The words will flow smoothly down the page in an attractive manner.

Your site will be written so the search engines can catalog it easily.

Your pictures will be large enough to see, yet small enough to download quickly. Craft Item Natalie the Bear

This is Natalie.

She's just here to look pretty.

Isn't she doing a good job!

(You can click on her picture to see her up close.)
(Use the BACK ARROW to return to this page.)

Your customers will be able to click on your pictures to get an enlarged view, just like with Natatie here and Martin, who is at the top of this website.

We can put your email address on the page, too, so your customers can contact you if they have questions about your products or services. You can answer their questions when it's convenient for you.

And most important of all ~ your customers will be able to buy your products easily.

The money will be deposited into your own private, secured account for you to withdraw anytime. And your customers do not need a PayPal (or eBay!) account to use their credit card to pay you.

It's a very simple system and wonderfully efficient! (We know because we use it all the time.)

We'll quickly built you a website
with pictures and descriptions of your crafts
for a very low price of only $15 an hour.

This price includes:

  • a website with up to 12 pictures and descriptions,
  • your choice of background colors,
  • your contact information, clearly visible,
  • personal help with the wording on your website,
  • the name of a place where you can get free business cards with your craft and website information on them.

You'll be the owner of both the website code and the website address (also called domain name). We just manage it for you.

As an additional service,
we can make changes to your site
in the future by putting up
new pictures and text for you.

You may decide you want to change the color of your site, rearrange the pictures and descriptions, make the text larger or smaller, add new
BUY NOW buttons and, of course, change the prices on your items.

For a low rate of only $15 per hour, we'll change your website to accommodate your new items, descriptions, prices, contact information ...whatever.

You'll be able to sell your crafts
~ everyday ~
~ from home ~
~ to people in any part of the world you choose ~
while you're still in your pajamas!

We'll do all the website work for you... So you'll be free to do something more enjoyable ~~ like crafting!

And we can also help you advertise your website so future customers will come to your website to see what you have to offer.

You found our site, didn't you? We know how to get lots of Internet shoppers to your site, too!

So, sign up today
to get your crafts and services
on a permanent website.

We'll build you a website for just $15 an hour.

Most websites take less than 10 hours to build.

Think of how much you pay to attend just one craft show that reaches only a few hundred people. Then add how much time you spend...

  • getting ready for the show
  • pricing each individual item
  • packing and unpacking the car
  • driving back and forth to the craft show each day
  • hoping to get a good booth
  • sitting for hours in the heat or the cold, in the wind and the noise
  • hoping to make a sale
  • ...hoping to break even!

Forget all that! There's a MUCH easier way to sell your crafts!!! (We know, because we do it all the time.)

Just let us build you an attractive crafter's website so you can sell your items to a world full of customers!

Email Dusty, the website builder, today to ask any questions you have about a future website:

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Dusty Foster
Crafter's Website Building Service

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